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A True Kaiseki experience with Chef Kotaro Asakura

Chef Kotaro Asakura is a culinary artist whose passion for Japanese cuisine has transcended borders and redefined styles. Born in Tokyo in 1981, Kotaro's journey began at 16, exploring California cuisine before embracing his heritage through the world of Japanese sake. In 2007, he opened "Kirakutei," an Izakaya in Kugayama, captivating the media with his unique blend of Japanese and Western flavors, known as "Kotaro Style."

In 2020, Kotaro relocated to Ginza, Tokyo, and in 2022 transformed "Kirakutei" into "Komon," a Kaiseki-style restaurant dedicated to the exquisite art of Japanese multi-course dining. His dishes, meticulously crafted with seasonal ingredients, draw admirers from both Japan and beyond.

Kaiseki is a multi-course, haute cuisine experience in Japanese fine dining. Chef Kotaro has meticulously crafted each dish with an expression of seasonality, using the freshest ingredients and highlighting traditional techniques. Kaiseki embodies the Japanese philosophy of "washoku," meaning "harmony of food," making this evening a true immersion into Japanese culture.  

Sunday, February 11th, 2024

8:30PM Seatings Available

Monday, February 12th, 2024

5:00PM & 8:30PM Seatings Available

Limited Seating Available

$395 Per Guest


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