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Limited Tickets Available: Chef Tsukasa Haraguchi of Michelin-starred Ginza Iwa

Dates: August 13th and 14th

Time Slots: 5:00pm and 8:30pm each day

Location: Kampai, 175 Center Street, Jackson, WY 83001

Cost: $500 per guest

Only 11 seats per night

Chef Tsukasa Haraguchi of Michelin-starred Ginza Iwa joins Chef Chris Massad and the Kampai team for a limited-seating dinner on August 13th and 14th. Chef Haraguchi is the chef at Ginza Iwa, a Michelin-star restaurant in Ginza, Japan. Sushi aficionados will instantly recognize the Ginza reference, it is one of the premier neighborhoods for fine dining in Japan. Chef Haraguchi is highly regarded because of the care and detail he brings to every dish. He selects fish from the market and creates the menu based on what is freshest and what is in peak season. Chef Haraguchi has trained at the premier culinary program for Japanese cuisine, Hattori Nutrition College, and went on to chef at some of the top restaurants in Japan’s Ginza district including Tokyo Kitcho and Ginza Koju, another Michelin-star restaurant. Foodies and diners from around the world travel to Ginza Iwa to experience Chef Haraguchi's magic.

This is an experience of a lifetime, guests will have the opportunity to enjoy sushi dishes prepared by one of the most talented chefs in the world. Guests will be treated to multi-course, omakase dining. Seating is limited to 11 guests with service at 5:00 pm and 8:00 pm each day. “We are so honored to have Chef Haraguchi at Kampai. It is a chance for sushi lovers to have a true Japanese sushi dining experience crafted by a master chef,” shared Chef Massad. “At Kampai we are pushing ourselves to be better. We are always trying to be the best and provide exceptional culinary experiences. We are so passionate about food, and this is an opportunity to serve guests exceptional fish dishes in a classic Japanese dining setting.”

Premium Sake and wine pairing as well as standard beverage service will be offered.

Please email with dietary restrictions and allergies by August 5th so our kitchen can be appropriately prepared. As a reminder, reservations in our 5:00 seating will have 3 hours to dine to accommodate the guests in our 8:30 seating.


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